"I’ve owned many vehicles over the years and I’ve always wanted AutoCate to exist as my “super power” - and now it does! In one short workshop I learned how to boost a battery and how to change a tire, and more importantly gained some mechanical confidence about my car. And it was so much fun watching all these other ‘auto clueless’ people have the same confidence-building experience."
“I recently used Miss Mechanic because the air conditioning on my 2010 Honda Civic stopped working. The issue came up in the summer but I procrastinated because I didn’t want to deal with a mechanic suggesting fixes that I don’t understand for prices I’m not sure are good. Then I joined the Miss Mechanic Beta Pilot and had new-found motivation to work on this issue. Miss Mechanic helped me through the whole process, which helped me feel very informed, comforted and confident. She made sure their quote to run diagnostics on my car was reasonable before I committed to this cost, discussed if this is worth the fix for a 2010 Civic, and reviewed their recommended repairs and final quote. I had no idea what any of the parts were on the quote and couldn’t tell if it was a good recommendation or not. Miss Mechanic explained to me that they basically recommended replacing every single part in the A/C system – which would obviously fix the problem but cost my wallet around $900. She also confirmed that the diagnostic test they ran isn’t overly effective (they just used a handheld Refrigerant Freon Leak Detector) which could explain why they suggested a full system replacement. Instead, with the support of Miss Mechanic, I’m now in the process of diagnosing my own car’s AC and I love it! We started with the simplest part that could most likely solve the problem (the clutch relay); Miss Mechanic showed me how to go about replacing this $10 part by myself. I’m learning so much about my car and feel great that I can work on this problem with Miss Mechanic.”

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