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$10 a month for dedicated support – you need answers, we are here!

Avoid headaches, don’t pay for things you don’t need, and never feel taken advantage of or in the dark with your cars needs again!


Wanna learn? We have workshops available, online and in-person. Learn – Relate – AutoCate!

We answer any and all automotive questions – the less you know, the more we can support you!


AutoCate is a community building business that drives towards empowering car owners to avoid being scammed or marginalized.

We answer any and all automotive questions – the less you know, the more we can support you!


All these questions and more are part of our scope, we offer expert mechanical knowledge at your fingertips to support you in answering these questions and saving you time and money, while ensuring that you never feel talked down to or scammed in your dealings with the automotive industry.


What exactly do we do?
In short, we are here to answer your questions regarding every aspect of car ownership, when you need it most. Car making weird noises? Repair bill seems way too high, or the garage claims that you “have to get this done now”? Buying a car and don’t know what to look for or steer clear of? Want to learn what that thingy does, or how to check your oil?

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We bring the car, team and hoist to you! Our team sets up a series of stations depending on group size so that each participant gets their hands dirty, leaving with a sense of accomplishment and pride from newfound skills.

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