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$45 per person

We bring the cars, the crew and the tools

You get:
2 hours with dedicated experts
Hands-on experience
Glove box take home swag
Confidence for the road

Our in-person workshops offer and opportunity for skills and team building. AutoCate will support your team in various hands-on activities related to car ownership, such as putting on a spare tire, checking fluid levels, or boosting a dead battery. Your team will get an opportunity to ask questions with experts, our team is trained and dedicated to supporting your teams in ways that they can understand; we are passionate about inclusivity and strive to help all participants feel capable and empowered. 

Virtual Workshops

Our live virtual workshops include and expand on basic emergency scenarios offered in our in-person workshops, and offer greater insights into many other vehicle systems such as how brakes work, checking various air filters, how to inspect your vehicle, and what components are known to fail, what all the buttons inside your car mean and do, etc.


Never worry about being stuck again, whether you're on the side of the road with a flat or at the repair shop with a quote you don't understand; AutoCate is the reassurance you need to help you get through. As an AutoCate member you'll have access to our full platform, including a team of experts dedicated to helping you.
AutoCate can help support you through your automotive concerns, here's a few scenarios to get you thinking:
| Stuck with a flat and can't remember how to change your spare, or locate where it is?
| Heading out for a road trip and wondering if there's anything you should be checking on the car before you go?
| Your car is making a noise and you're wondering how serious it is, or what it could be related to?
| A light came on your dashboard and you're panicking, do you need to pull over, is the car safe?

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